“Boudoir” literally translates to: a lady’s bedroom or private sitting room.
However, when paired with the element of photography, it takes on a whole new meaning. Boudoir photography celebrates the splendor and grace of the human form, by capturing curves and sensuality in print. These romantic images can range from fully clothed to tasteful nudes, but always have a sense of allure and intense beauty.
Such an intimate gift is ideal for any romantic occasion…especially weddings, honeymoons, anniversaries, or a lover’s rendezvous. Beyond being a lover’s gift, women often seek boudoir for self-empowerment. 

“I’ve had the honor of photographing cancer survivors, rape and abuse survivors, women healing from eating disorders and those seeking a better body image. Women celebreating weight loss goals, job promotions, birthdays, death and births. The connection with these women and their stories have caused boudoir photography to become my greatest passion. We’ve laughed and cried together during these sessions and it’s why boudoir is my home.” She says, ”Over the years I’ve been shown that these photographs are much more than eye candy and sensuality but can also be a means to body confidence, healing, and esteem for so many women… It is this reason, I fell deeply in love with boudoir… “

These intimate portraits allow women to see themselves in a sexy, new light. It is not often (if ever!) that we see ourselves in lingerie with sexy bedroom hair & make up, and when paired with flattering poses the results are breathtaking. Running after the kids & doing laundry rarely leaves us with a sense of sultriness, but upon entering a boudoir session, all of the day’s errands fade away, allowing a women’s natural sex appeal to shine through… Danielle Biel has been a boudoir photographer since 2002 and has mastered the art of photographing flattering angles and poses. This will accentuate a girl’s best assets, while hiding those that she wishes to minimize or ignore. 

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